EverPresent also works for institutions.  Although most companies own a scanner, effectively digitizing huge volumes of valuable records requires special equipment and a disciplined process.  We can do this while maintaining the logic that already exists in your filing systems, and furthermore work with you to ensure that the digitizing investment will provide a major boost to your organization.  For more about how we can help and special pricing, please call us at (617) 505-1132.


Benefits of digitizing for institutions

  • Preservation of unique historical records
  • Improve institutional culture by educating employees and members about accomplishments
  • Build memorable products to increase loyalty, reconnect with old contacts
  • Create corporate history products that drive powerful fundraising efforts
  • Discover valuable materials for use in marketing campaigns, training materials, etc.
  • Record your professional legacy, which is important to so many yet so difficult to communicate with friends and family
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